More about milling plywood on lathe

As I have shown on previous post, I had adjusted the copper rim around the plywood and placed it on the lathe. As I started to mill the copper to meet the plywood, I was getting worried about the lines the milling creates on metal. But for my relief, I was able to sand the lines down. I was not planning to mill metal,as I make the rings by hand, and they should fit the plywood body without having to mill the surface. I don't want my work to look like  they are deep drawn or spun by machine -You associate that kind of linear lines with industrial processes. My work is all about handcrafts. And yes, I am using lathe, therefore, I have learned a skill in order to operate the tool.  

Even though, I find it wonderful to work on lathe, I don't want machine to overtake the handcrafting. I want the user/viewer to appreciate the making of the object. Big part of my project is to celebrate craftsmanship and handmade quality. 

Problem solving 

This image shows how I have made a copper ring, then milled plywood part to fit tightly inside.

After that, I have placed more plywood on to p and bottom of the ring of copper and wood inside it.

In the end, the glued wooden part on the top did not align with the chuck, so when I milled it, it didn't level with rest of the body. I ended up cutting off the top wood part and managed to save the rest. 

Here, back in action. I have now successfully milled the wood and metal to level. The inside of the vessel is done too. The thickness of the wall is 10mm.  

I ended up comprehending a totally different looking vessel that I had in mind in first place. I am actually pleased that I made the error on the lathe. Due that, I discovered visually and technically more attractively designed object. 

Here, I am fitting a rim, it will become lid for the vessel. 

Sometimes, from making mistake and to realise new better outcome, is meant to happen. I may not be able to see all the possibilities when conceptualising on drawing board. Most of the decisions happens along the making process.  Also, the more I use a tool, the more it can give to me, and the more I am capable of visualising endless designing possibilities.   


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