Making of double walled piece

One of the pieces that I have designed is a vessel that has two walls, creating a chunky look, almost as if the metal walls are that thick. This piece has been technically the most difficult one. The piece has put my metalsmithing skills on test! Even my tutor said that I had picked relatively difficult object to make, considering my experience and skills so far.

First, I needed to make two rings. The thickness between the rings is 10mm, same as on the other vessels.

Here, the rings are already soldered, then carefully placed on sheet of metal. I needed to make sure the rings were round, and that the distance between the rings were even all way round.  

Re-soldering. It is quite difficult to solder two walls at the same time, making sure the heat is spread evenly and that the silver solder melts properly. There is always a risk of overheating the metal or the solder. Also, every time you re-solder, you may weaken the already existing one. I used rouge compound and mineral oil to protect the existing solder joints from heat.  

Once the solder seam is clean, I pierced the inside and outside of the sheet to create the top rim for the vessel. Next step is to solder the base.

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