At Manchester Craft and Design Centre

So, I travelled to Manchester and made my way to Manchester Craft and Design Centre to Exhibit my Streamline vessels. It was lovely to get to know Ella, who runs the This Is Pewter studio in the Centre. It was all about sharing some industry knowledge and ideas. Her Pewter pieces were selling well, visitors being amused by the beautiful colour and the shininess of pewter. Her pewter products are contemporary and competitive and nothing like the old style pewter tankards and tableware. 

It was pretty cold day for March in Manchester, but that didn't stop people visiting the centre and come to have a chat with the makers in their studios. There was live instrumental music, some cocktails and a good vibe over all! Joseph Hartley's exhibition started successfully at the main area in the Centre, he was demonstrating traditional bread making with using his Makery collection

Lets see what kind of feedback and interest I will be receiving from Manchester. I may need to start to consider producing the vessels...

Exhibition running now until closer to summer!


Joseph Hartley's Exhibition

Visiting Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Here on an old Locomotive!  

Manchester is certainly an old industrial city!  

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