Second hand shopping

I try to visit charity and second hand shops whenever I see one. Recently I found one really good one near my home in Forest Hill. The stuff in the shop is pretty random, but you may end up finding something that you aren't even looking for! 

Normally my eye catches things for the kitchen; ramekins, containers, jars etc. This time it was all glass. I also picked up couple of books. One was illustrated pocket-size cooking book, titled: Scandinavian and German cooking. It was published in early 60's, Classic! I also grabbed gardening and house plant book, which is a bit 90's style, but gives good tips on how to sow and look after your green stuff.  

Two big jars about 30cm height, old pharmacy style brown glass - definitely for biscuits!
French clear bowl - heavy, thick walled, my ideal salad serving bowl
Two grey bowls - quite old, could tell from the quality of the press moulding; sharp edges and few air bubbles in the glass...love the defects!

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  1. Nice stuff!! I love glass and jars in general - I'd have some many more if I had space to store them! :-)