Festival of Silver at Goldsmiths' Centre

The new Goldsmiths' Centre is Beautiful! As you can see from the pictures the exhibition space is very light and airy, complimenting gracefully the silver pieces on display. Gordon Hamme is the Chairman of Festival of Silver with special guest Thalen & Thalen, Dutch father and son duo who work from Belgium. Renowned silversmith for over 20 years, Brett Payne, is the director of Festival of Silver. Here is few of my favourites.

The Exhibition space at the new Goldsmiths' Centre

Richard Fox table shared with Martin Keane.

Riviera Jug family by Richard Fox. The initial inspiration for the pitchers came from folded paper sheet. On the right, Aqua Beaker that has been made by utilising electroforming technique. All sterling silver and gild. 

Martin Keane's jug.
He has amazing raising skills. I have been observing his work from very close for the last three days, and for some reason most of his pieces reminds me of birds. Some kind of exotic one, as puffin. His wine carafe most definitely reminds me of a skull of an antelope that has died in the desert. Just the horns are missing!  

Thalen & Thalen 
As one can only imagine, Dutch design is always playful, even when it is made of silver! Loving their work, with its quirkiness and use of different materials such as chunky frosted perspex. When looking at their work, it really makes you want to have their silver tea ceremony set.

Thalen & Thalen

Coffee set with interlocking perspex components. Thalen & Thalen

Brett Payne's silver sauce pans! Behind his well-known hand-forged silver spoons and ladles in various sizes.

Kate Earlam
Talented young lady! I recommend to keep an eye on her crafting...

Kate Earlam

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