Finnish Inspiration

I went to Finland during the Easter break to get some inspiration for my project. Here's my main observations:

My father had made this beautiful little bell. The purpose, according to him, is to ring the bell, to get my mother's attention, and to get her to bring a beer on his hand (apparently he is working hard in the garden, doing some diy or perhaps refurbishing the house!). He told this to us, just to annoy my mother, as she can be sometimes little stiff with jokes.. We all had good laugh! 

The shape of the bell appealed me. It is in the end very traditional shape, but the  way it was made on the lathe inspired me. My father is a lathe/milling machine professional for over 30 years, mainly making parts for big forestry machines, but sometimes he surprises my family with these beautiful little objects. I wanted to learn how to mill in the way, that the surface is curvy and how the inside is milled to follow the same shape. I really like the wooden handle he had carefully carved to fit the bell.
It was time to visit his workshop.  


Inspirational steel cylinders in rundown wooden pallet. 

Galvanised steel. Industrial oil jug

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