Camberwell College of Arts Graduate Show 2012

So, here we are, all done! Few photos to show how the Graduate Show looked like in Camberwell this year. We as a class got lot of compliments of our space, that it had been curated well. 
We painted the walls grey, and to quote someone, about painting the walls grey, apparently we've been rather controversial! Hah! Okay then...
Also, we got vinyls printed, so we all got name tags beside our work an we also printed 3D Design sign on the wall. 
Here's some of my classmates works.

my work on the plinth. Quite a dramatic light, but I like it, it also gives warm tone on the objects.
behind the pieces you can see my postcard and a look-book I made particularly for the shows. More about them in later posts...

Aaaah, I absolutely adore Virginie's skills of making things so neat and proper! Look at the lovely display she made for her jewellery pieces! Her work is called Pieces of Mountain and it includes two rings, two necklaces and a collar piece. All  silver, some of them oxidised in greyish black colour. The images on the background are old souvenir posters from Switzerland. 

I can so clearly relate to her work and I could talk about it even in my sleep! After spending more or less five months next to her working on the final project, you may start to feel as part of the project, something that you treasure highly.  I think she knows my project pretty well through too!

Rosie's lovely tree trunks and hand turned bowls.

Selection of Rosie's wooden boards. She has made already some success with them! I think her first commission went through to a restaurant... 

Zoe's playful Weekday hangers
She also made these lovely turned wooden posts, transcontinental clock, photo frames etc... Check her work out!  

Henry, Henry, He has made for the final project these hand made chef knives. One could get his or hers own grip tailored on them. He even named one of the display ones after me, The Linna.  Unfortunately he hasn't learned to spell my name in three years, as I appear as Sanna. Never mind! :)  

And Joe, he knows how to entertain the audience! Slap It is a multi-sencory experience that makes you smile. Glowing Buttocks as he calls them!

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