Collect 2012

Today, after hard day at college, me and Virginie visited in Saatchi Gallery to see private view of Crafts Council's Collect 2012. In a nice set up, with glasses filled with wine, we made our way through the art fair discussing about exhibitioners works and wondering how some of the crafted objects were made and so on. Michael Marriott's curation of Raw Craft was particularly intriguing with its hand-on approach to making and where skills and hight quality were the main message. Very delightful evening! Got plenty of inspiration and motivation for my own practise.   

Even though, I was mainly keeping my eye on metalworks, the most memorable piece must have been Antonio Spoto's ceramic works. The Belgian artist was happy to explain about his work, techniques and materials he uses. Luckily I was with Virginie, so they ware able to chit chat properly in French!  

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